About the Founder: Jen Julius

The Energetics of Leadership, Success and Health: What you NEED to know if you want to achieve your dreams with ease and integrity! 

My role is to help you get clear, confident and connected to your intuition, so you can speed up your success and maximize your impact! Together, we CAN make a Conscious Choice for Change!

I specialize in supporting “Mama Bear type” Business-Owning-Moms in male-dominated industries such as construction, automotive, finance, law and real estate. My clients learn the tools to harness and expand their success so they can make a bigger, bolder impact on their community, while also learning how to get clear and grounded so they don’t get sick and manifest illnesses from being over-worked and too stressed out. And above all else, my clients learn how to “balance their busy” so they can make sure they are at home and present with the real reason they got into the hustle in the first place: to provide a better life for their family. If you are Mama-Bear Business Owner with a good hustle and a lot of drive, I can help you harness that energy so you can maintain and increase your success, without sacrificing your family or your health. Let’s talk. 

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I make good leaders into great leaders, so we can have a bigger, better impact on the healing of our world. Does the following sound like you?

  • Are you a passionate, powerful leader, juggling a business and a family?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or stuck?
  • Are the core values of respect, integrity and authenticity important to you and your leadership style? 
  • Do you know that the overall quality of your company is directly impacted by the quality of your leadership?
  • Do you want to do better and BE better- for your staff, family, and community? 
  • Are you open to developing your intuition so you can make better choices that are more aligned with your individual truth and what you really want in life?
  • These resonate? Contact me, let’s do a complimentary connection call!

Being a leader is a privilege and it comes with responsibility. Are you willing to learn the tools to maximize your impact with integrity?

Jen Julius with one of her clients, Letitia Hanke-Ryzhkov, the owner of ARS Roofing, Founder of the Lime Foundation, and one of the recipients of the 2015 North Bay Business Journal Women in Business Award
Jen Julius with one of her clients, Letitia Hanke-Ryzhkov, the owner of ARS Roofing, Founder of the Lime Foundation, and one of the recipients of the 2015 North Bay Business Journal Women in Business Award

I work with passionate and powerful leaders who understand the importance of standing in your integrity, being respectful, and showing up authentically, especially when in a leadership role. They believe that they directly effect the overall quality of their company by the overall quality of their leadership- and they want to do better and BE better. They know that they are role models to their management team and staff, as well as their community and families- and they don’t take it lightly.

They are in a position where things at work and home have been going ok, or maybe event pretty good- but they know they can make them GREAT- and they are willing to do the work, learn the tools, and step their game up to do so.

If this sounds like you, contact me so we can chat, and let’s see if you’re ready to become a truly Great Leader.

I specialize in helping strong, passionate, business-owning parents that are already good leaders- to become great leaders. It is important to them that their business is successful, and it is also important that their staff feel supported, valued, and taken care of. Plus, they want to ensure that their personal and family lives don’t suffer. They know the crucial role they play in their children’s lives, and they want to make sure they are being the best Mom/Dad they can be. On top of all of it, they want to be happy along the way as they juggle all of the responsibilities that come with the privilege of being a leader.

If you: 

  • own a business
  • have a “Mama Bear” or “Papa Bear” type vibe
  • understand that as a parent, your children look to you as one of their primary role models in all areas and in all ways- whether you like it or not
  • often feel overwhelmed by all the directions you are being pulled and the time people want from you
  • take your leadership role in your business seriously and want to better support your staff by being a better leader
  • understand that the quality of the leader effects the quality of the company, it’s staff, and the bottom line
  • are ready to tap into your intuition and learn some fun and practical spiritual tools to maximize your success
  • want to take your already good life and make it a great life!

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Jen’s Mission

By providing a no-nonsense, intuitive and strategic, fun and refreshing approach to coaching and workshop facilitation, Jen Julius helps her clients find the clarity they have been craving, expand their communication skills while improving all of their relationships, and build the confidence necessary to achieve their greatest goals in life. Jen Julius helps people speed up their success and maximize their impact, by aligning with their individual truth, learning the key concepts and tools of the Energetics of Leadership, Success and Health, and being part of the greater healing of the world. She believes that: “Together we CAN make a Conscious Choice for Change!”

Know your truth. Take a stand. Change the world!



About Jen

I know that everyone has a story, but I also believe that we have a choice in what we do with our story. Will it hold us back? Or will we use it to turn our struggles into strengths? I’ve battled an eating disorder, addiction, engaged in unhealthy relationships, struggled with deep family issues, managed depression and anxiety (without pharmaceutical drugs), and I genuinely believe that all of these challenges served me in becoming the powerful, passionate woman I am today. And I believe you are powerful, too- perhaps far more than you realize… 

It was through my struggles that I discovered that true wholeness comes from searching within myself and facing the imbalances. The next step is doing the work to create a new path toward becoming a stronger, more passionate, and balanced human-BEing. I also learned not to take life too seriously. It’s important to have fun, and critical to laugh at ourselves and let go of past mistakes.

I’m not your everyday coach. I’m well trained, and well versed in working with people who have overcome extreme challenges, and are now in a space where they want to take their lives from good to great! As leaders, they know they are making an impact on everyone they come in contact with daily: their staff, their family, and their community. They take this responsibility seriously, and they want to speed up their success and maximize their impact, while living a life of abundance, authenticity, and incredible connection. I specialize in helping people who are willing to look at themselves honestly and deeply, learn tools to “heal and deal,” and live an honest, authentic, fun-filled life.



Jen’s interest in personal development began when she was in high school, and continued to develop throughout her studies in Psychology at Sonoma State University, emphasizing Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology. After receiving her BA, Jen decided to further explore her passion for helping others and pursued an MA in Counseling and Pupil Personnel Services (School Counseling) Credential. Throughout her education, she was exposed to various theories and philosophies exploring the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection, as well as different healing modalities for achieving health and balance in life.

Master of Arts, Counseling – Sonoma State University

Pupil Personnel Services (School Counseling) Credential – Sonoma State University

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology – Sonoma State University, Magna Cum Laude

Holistic Life Coach Certification – Spencer Institute

Mind-Body Fitness Coach Certification – Spencer Institute


Work and Volunteer Experience

Jen has worked with incarcerated youth and adults, taught in a 3rd grade after school program, and even helped edit the book: “Intuition and Dreams: How to Realize Your Healing Potential in All Areas of Life” by Dr. David Sowerby. She is trained in Therapeutic Touch and has done research in dream analysis, intuition, astrology, nutrition, fitness, disease manifestation, and psychogenic pain.

Prior to beginning her coaching practice, Jen worked as a Credentialed School Counselor in alternative education settings, specializing in vocational education and credit recovery. She has also served as a Family Coaching Program Coordinator, supporting youth on probation and their families in achieving their goals. She has facilitated groups for teen girls, served as a mentor and tutor to elementary and middle school students, has been a peer educator, crisis counselor, facilitator, and coach. In addition, Jen has worked as a Family Support Counselor and Aggression Replacement Training Facilitator.

Currently, in addition to her coaching, speaking and training work, she hosts “Inspiration and Information,” on Sonoma County community radio station KOWS 107.3 FM, and recently served as the president of her local BNI chapter.

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