Never Say Never…

As I sit on my couch, realizing I procrastinated this announcement, part of me wonders why, yet also isn’t surprised. […]

Take the Leap

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How Our Childhood Survival Strategies Can Impact Our Success

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The Fundamentals of Authentic Networking

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I am safe. (Thoughts for the SuperMoon…)

I finally figured it out… I’ve been having major solar plexus pain since yesterday and trying to understand why… so […]

Truth Can Change…

Truth. What does that even mean? For years I have talked about and shared the concept (or my understanding) of […]

Earth Based Practices & Ecopsychology to Create a Sustainable Livelihood

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Explore The Meaning & Results of “Conscious Dating”

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The Energetics of Leadership on VoiceAmerica™

The Energetics of Leadership Show aired: June 8, 2016 Hosted by Kathleen Zemansky Episode Description Leadership Coach and Radio Host, […]


How does she do it? With a drug addict on Sunday and a multi-million dollar business owner on Monday. Which […]