Boss Goddess


A Boss Goddess stands up for what she believes in, while allowing space for others to do the same. She believes that LOVE is the most powerful weapon of all, and that we have a choice in how we show up in the World everyday.

A Boss Goddess is a Hardcore-Mama-Bear, willing to do anything needed to protect her cubs. She knows that as a mother, she is a leader and a role model, and she takes this responsibility seriously.

A Boss Goddess allows for the Divine to flow through her, so she can be an instrument of love, compassion, and healing. She chooses Truth, and respects others as they find the Truth that serves their Divine healing.

A Boss Goddess is part of the Conscious Choice for Change, because together, we CAN heal the World.

As Boss Goddesses, we commit to:

  • Show RESPECT to our fellow humans, our Earth, and ourselves.
  • Express LOVE and Gratitude for the beauty that is life and the journey our souls have chosen.
  • Align our lives with the Divine Connection that allows us to know and speak our authentic, individual TRUTH.

Bonus Commitment for our Boss Goddess Body Guards:

  • To honor and protect the Divine Feminine as She re-awakens and steps forward in the healing of our world.

In order to purchase and represent any item from the Boss Goddess apparel line, you must be willing to make the above commitments. Upon doing so, you are acknowledging your part in making a Conscious Choice for Change and are willing to step forward with respect, love and truth.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT! Check out: #ConsiousChoiceforChange on Instagram for more pics of people that have made the commitments and are now making an impact! 

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In addition, 10% of the profit from the Boss Goddess apparel line will be donated to the Scholarship fund for One Circle Foundation, so more facilitators can be trained and make a bigger, bolder impact on our communities. One Circle Foundation promotes resiliency in children and youth, families, adults, and communities by offering circle program models that create, restore, and sustain healthy relationships. One Circle Foundation recognizes that healthy relationships are the core element to a healthy individual, family, society, and world. More info here:

 Want to join the movement? You don’t have to buy anything to make an impact; just show more Respect, Love and Truth to your fellow humans everyday! 

If you would like to sport the apparel, check out what we have below! But remember, you must be willing to honor the commitments above in order to purchase!

***All Prices Include Tax & Shipping in the U.S.*** 

ALL shirts have “Together we are making a Conscious Choice for Change” on the back!

Boss Goddess Tank Top 

Available in Black or White Unisex style
**Black and White are Unisex, so we encourage ladies to order 1 size smaller than usual. (
For example: Jen (in white tank) is wearing a size small and normally wears a medium or large women’s tank) *Black has white text and white has gold text

Size – Black or White

Boss Goddess Racerback Tank

Women’s sizes XS-XL (grey only)
**Run true to size

(shown: Medium)

Size – Gray

Boss Goddess V-neck T-Shirts in black

Women’s sizes XS-XL (black only)
**Run true to size

(shown: Medium)


Boss Goddess Body Guard

Men’s sizes S-XXL (black only)

(shown: Large)



“Baby” Boss Goddess & Body Guard In-TrainingBaby sizes: 12 & 18 months (black only)

(shown: Baby Boss Goddess 18 months)

Baby Boss Goddess

“Mini” Boss Goddess & Body Guard In Training Toddler sizes: 2T, 3T & 4T (black only)

(shown: Boss Goddess Body Guard In-training)

(shown: Body Guard In-training 2T)

Toddler Boss Goddess/Bodyguard

YOUTH Mini Boss Goddess & Body Guard In Training
(approximate ages: 4yrs-15yrs)

(shown: girl’s youth XS)




(shown: boys youth XL)




Baby Boss Goddess Bibs

(ONE Size -black only)





JOIN THE MOVEMENT! Check out: #ConsiousChoiceforChange on Instagram for more pics of people that have made the commitments and are now making an impact! 


Follow us on Instagram @jenjuliuscoaching and join the movement!


How it all began…

It started back in 2012, when I began my coaching practice. I heard a concept that I knew meant something huge, I just didn’t know what yet. Then in late March and early April of 2016, I was shown to create a brand, a movement. I quickly knew that this was an entity of Her own, and I was just the messenger- although She fiercely captured what I believed. At 4:25am on 4/7/16, The Conscious Choice for Change Movement officially began, and the Boss Goddess was born as one of the first vessels…

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.27.30 AM


Are you a Boss Goddess (or Body Guard)?
Join the movement!

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