How Our Childhood Survival Strategies Can Impact Our Success

Join Jen Julius as she interviews Suzie Gruber, Personal Development Coach, about how early trauma leaves its imprints behind sometimes feeding the challenges we face as entrepreneurs.  We will talk about different types of survival strategies that develop in childhood and how those strategies can impact our success.  With this lens our challenges make more sense and we have more compassion for ourselves and others.  By understanding these strategies and where they originate, we shine light on the roots of repetitive patterns.

Suzie and Jen will discuss

  • The stages of the human stress response
  • What trauma is
  • Different survival strategies
  • Signs your history is still alive and kicking in the present
  • Steps you can take to unravel these patterns

Meet Suzie — a scientist by training with a keen interest understanding why we behave the way we do and in helping people come alive.  Suzie helps you find the root of the old patterns so they become history rather than familiar roadblocks.  A Somatic Experiencing and a Neuroaffective Relational Model Practitioner in private practice in Sebastopol, CA, Suzie leads seminars that teach people about our hard-wired response to stress and trauma’s legacy imprints, unlocking the keys to puzzling beliefs and behavior.  Contact Suzie on Facebook or at

(707) 888-9646

Jen Julius, MA is the Founder of Conscious Choice for Change, a personal and professional growth firm committed to the core values of compassion, connection, and contribution. In her coaching practice, she specializes in teaching the “Energetics of Leadership” and the concept of “Total Health” to business-owning-parents across the globe. Her clients are good leaders, but they want to be GREAT leaders- for their staff, families and communities. Jen helps them get clear, confident and connected to their intuition so they can speed up their success and maximize their impact, while maintaining a happy, healthy home life.

Jen has led, organized, or presented at a plethora of events for thousands of people, and has an extensive professional background ranging from working with incarcerated youth and adults, to business owners and executives. Add in her personal background of battling an addiction and an eating disorder, then re-directing her intense energy to achieve her Masters Degree at 24 years old, and you’ve got a Coach with a more-than-unique skillset. Jen believes we really can have it “all”- we just have to know what “all” we actually want- then make the best choices with the best tools. Her motto is: Know your truth. Take a stand. Change the world!

Learn more about Jen and explore her free resources at or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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