Coaching vs Therapy

This is MY opinion of the differences between Coaching vs Therapy, and tailored to my specific coaching style. Feel free to contact me with further questions.

First I want to be clear- one modality is NOT better than the other. They are both beneficial when they are a part of someone’s journey at the right time.

Here is the most basic way I can differentiate for you:


  • Past and healing focused
  • Process oriented
  • Conducted in a contained, safe place (typically an office)
  • No contact between sessions with client and therapist


  • Present and future focused – if the past does come up, it’s for the sake of saying “I did not like that experience, what can I learn from it to shape and change my future now?” and the issue will not be deeply explored.
  • Directive and action oriented
  • May happen via phone, skype, or in an office
  • Contact may occur between sessions for accountability and support towards the individual’s goals

I hope this helps you in understanding the difference. I have been fortunate to do both mental health work and coaching, so I am clear on the difference (see my About Jen page for more about my professional background). Part of my initial consultation is to help you figure out what next steps might be right for you- which may include me suggesting you seek a therapist prior to coaching, or in conjunction. I actually prefer working with people who have done previous personal growth work, such as therapy, as I have found it often helps them in being ready to make changes during the coaching process.

Contact Me for a Complimentary Breakthrough Session, and to see if coaching may be a fit for you!

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