Confident Vulnerability




Join Jen Julius and Kate Pintor, Sonoma County business relationship coach and Strengthsfinder trainer, as they discuss the importance of developing confident vulnerability as leaders and business owners. Kate will share the four ways we all sabotage our business relationships and give tips on how to remove the overwhelm we feel when thinking about our inboxes.

coach kateKate Pintor is a certified master coach with over 5000 hours logged of people developing. She is passionate about helping small business owners develop sustainable and enjoyable strategic partnerships by exploring their top 5 themes from Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment.  Kate developed Her passion for helping people also explore the strengths of vulnerability during her ten year battle with a devastating nerve disease (CRPS).  She attributes the remission and good health she finds herself in now to a mindset shift in 2010 leading to new treatments and new possibilities. Her client list includes Integrated Marketing Agency, Market Makers, Gartner Group, Dataquest, SW Zhao Inc., Painted Cellars, Idea Studios, Organic Wine Company and creative entrepreneurs all over the globe.


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Jen Julius, MA is a Leadership Coach, Radio Host and Founder of the Conscious Choice for Change Movement. In her coaching practice, she specializes in teaching the “Energetics of Leadership” to business-owning-parents across the globe. Her clients are good leaders, but they want to be GREAT leaders- for their staff, families and communities. Jen helps them get clear, confident and connected to their intuition so they can speed up their success and maximize their impact, while maintaing a happy, healthy home life.

Jen has led, organized, or presented at a plethora of events for thousands of people, and has an extensive professional background ranging from working with incarcerated youth and adults, to business owners and executives. Add in her personal background of battling an addiction and an eating disorder, then re-directing her intense energy to achieve her Masters Degree at 24 years old, and you’ve got a Coach with a more-than-unique skillset. Jen believes we really can have it “all”- we just have to know what “all” we actually want- then make the best choices with the best tools. Her motto is: Know your truth. Take a stand. Change the world!

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