Earth Based Practices & Ecopsychology to Create a Sustainable Livelihood

Join Jen Julius as she interviews Audra Grady, Conscious Biz Coach, about utilizing earth based practices and ecopsychology as a means for engaging our communities in sacred and sustainable ways to live and work. Audra will focus on how these ways of being can support professionals and small business owners in structuring a life affirming income, that is both sustainable for people and planet. The foundation of ecopsychology offers us varied and dynamic ways to approach healing that can be used for re-imagining our relationship not only to the earth, but to our lives and the fundamental structures that foster aliveness, connection, and human flourishing. How can we create a personal economy that is thriving and life affirming as entrepreneurs, creatives, and activists?

Audra will share with us:

– 5 ways you can create a more sustainable income in the new business paradigm

– 3 steps to creating connection and engagement with your community

– A money tool for getting clear on how much you need + want to receive

– And more!

Audra Grady is an expert on the psychology of transformation and uses this to coach and consult small client-based business owners. As a coach and mentor for the past 15 years, she has helped 1,000s of individuals create inspiration and action for a better, healthier world. She has worked at public and private universities, consulted dozens of nonprofit organizations and coached over 100 small business owners! Learn more at:


Jen Julius, MA is a Leadership Coach, Radio Host and Founder of the Conscious Choice for Change Movement. In her coaching practice, she specializes in teaching the“Energetics of Leadership” to business-owning-parents across the nation. Her clients are good leaders, but they want to be GREAT leaders- for their staff, families and communities. Jen helps them get clear, confident and connected to their intuition so they can speed up their success and maximize their impact, while staying happy, healthy, and harmonious at home.

Her motto is: Know your truth. Take a stand. Change the world!

Learn more about Jen and explore her free resources at or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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