The Energetics of Health and Success

When I was in college, a professor assigned the book: “The Creation of Health” by Caroline Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy as part of our reading for that semester. Barely in my 20’s, but always curious about the metaphysical, spiritual, and non-traditional, the book fascinated me and terrified me. So in essence, it changed my life. I knew then that my ultimate dream was to teach about the concepts of how emotional and energetic blocks contributed to dis-ease, but I also knew that I might be questioned, doubted, or disregarded. Nearly a decade later, I finally have the courage to step forward and share the information that has not only changed my life, but helped me to heal it.

After building a successful coaching business focused on leadership, values, and authenticity, for business-owning-moms, this is the natural next step. Too many of my clients have battled illnesses as they’ve built their empires, or struggled to reach the next level of success due to energetic and emotional blocks they were unaware of. By helping them link past hurts to current challenges, we were able to start clearing the pathway for them to become more successful. But more importantly, we were able to help them become more of themselves: authentically happy, healthy, and aligned with their purpose, priorities and values.

Now it’s your turn. I have finally built a course that is relative to both the well established business owner and accessible to the budding, first-time entrepreneur. With four membership levels, you can pick which one feels right for you in your current journey (and with your current budget!). BUT, here are the pre-requisites to join ANY level of this program:

  • You have already done some level of personal growth work (Ex: therapy, coaching, etc) AND you stuck with it, even when it was uncomfortable or inconvenient, and you see that it ultimately led you to a level of healing
  • (image:

    You have heard of “chakras” and you are curious to learn more about them, as well as how the concepts of “vibes” and “energy” are more pertinent to your health and success than you might think

  • You are open to fluid spiritual concepts, such as hearing about other people’s spiritual practices, various spiritual teachers, etc
  • You have a “hardcore-mama-bear” type vibe and don’t mind a few F-bombs being thrown around 😉
  • You are ready to commit to your own growth, while learning how your own healing contributes to the healing of your family, community and the world!

If ALL of the above apply, please contact me to set up an application interview!

Email me at: and let’s get to know each other and see if this program is a fit for you!

Ready for more info? Let’s go to the membership options page!


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