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Want your best life… now?! 

If you come to work with me, you’re going to do work. I am passionate about giving my all to coaching relationships with people who are motivated to change.

~ Are you craving more clarity about what direction you want to go, or what you really want in life?know your truth

~ Do you want to feel calmer and more in control of your life?

~ Are you a go-getter who’s currently feeling stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed?

~ Do you want to feel happier, healthier, and more aligned with the vision you have for your life?

~ Would you love to be able to get more of what you want and need – easily and effortlessly?

~ Would feeling more confident about who you are as a unique individual help you achieve your goals?

If you want to make changes in your life, and are ready to get down to business with someone who believes in your value, your potential, and your ability to reach all of your goals- Contact me NOW for a Complimentary Breakthrough Session

I am so grateful to Jen Julius for her awesome coaching! At first, I was reluctant to ‘ask for help’ in addressing my ‘feeling stuck’,  and had much trepidation and judgement about doing so. After meeting her and doing her Vision Board workshop and coaching sessions, I really connected with her honesty, inspiring energy and wise soul! We did outstanding work together and I gained catalyzing tools that I’ll continue to use in my life! I’m so happy to be moving forward with inspired and soulful motivation! Thank you, Jen!”
– Cheri P. Individual Coaching Client & Vision Board Workshop Participant

If you are truly ready to live your best life and are willing to do the work to get there, you might be ready to work with me. As far as I’m concerned, there are no ‘bad people’, only choices that aren’t necessarily a reflection of someone at their best. You will always be treated with compassion, respect, and understanding. I am not here to judge, but to be authentic, real, and raw. I will call you on your crap, but I will also lift you up and be there to go to bat for you. You will receive direct coaching and active homework that you will be expected to complete. This combination will maximize your progress and spur your personal growth. I will always expect you do your part. I will do my part as well. Because we are individuals, and we all have different likes and dislikes, your coaching program will be customized for you. Through our work together, I will develop a program designed to fit you and your specific needs.

I love watching people ignite the fire they once thought was lost. I’m the one to light the match. Ready to do work?

Contact me NOW for a Complimentary Breakthrough Session

Change Your Story ~ Change Your Life ~ Change The World

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