Below you will find some of my favorite tools and resources for transformation, healing, and fun! 🙂 I have personally read each book listed, or used each item below and have appreciated the impact they have all made on my own development.

Transparency alert! All the links below will take you to my Amazon affiliate link, which just means I get a small percentage of the purchase. The price is the same whether you use the links below or go to Amazon directly, so I figured, “hey- I’m recommending all this great stuff, I might as well join the $ party, too!” 😉 

Let me know how you like the books/cards/etc that you choose to explore and play with!

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This book is a must read for anyone diving into their own spiritual path; it was a major game changer for me.

I literally reference this book weekly when I am researching how the body manifests dis-ease and the energies of the different chakras! It helped me heal myself from multiple challenges, and it is my go-to-resource when I manifest any injury or illness!

This book nails the concept of “the upper limit” we all face when we are growing and expanding and gives some handy exercises!


Such a simple, quick read with great to-the-point information! One of the first books I introduce people to when they are exploring personal growth!


Awesome book for the crystal lover to utilize as they explore the properties and dive into the magic!


I call this the “starter deck” for my clients and people new to using Oracle or Angel cards (which are NOT the same as Tarot cards). It’s a gentle, positive, fun deck that is full of great affirmations!


I personally use this deck daily and love the inspiration from the different Goddesses!  I will admit, it was a bit farther down the “woo-woo” line for me, so I do not consider it a “starter deck,” but I do absolutely love it!

*This deck comes with a book to read the interpretations/meanings of the cards


This deck is by the same woman who wrote the book “The Creation of Health,” listed above. Intriguing and provocative cards to help you explore areas you may want to look at on your healing journey.


Easy, simple to read, to the point deck. Another good “starter-deck” with a word on front of the card and a small insight on the back.


This deck is by the same woman who wrote “Codependent No More” (listed below), and I find it helpful when I’m in a rut and need some guidance on- letting go!

This is another book that changed my life when I was fresh out of my addiction, but still spiraling in codependency.


I had the honor of helping edit this book, and can definitely speak to the incredible amount of knowledge and experience Dr. David Sowerby has. I am honored to call him one of my mentors!

I can personally attest to the easy-to-use, yet incredibly insightful information that Steven presents. This book is easy-to-read and easy-to-apply! Steven and I co-taught a couple workshops and he is an excellent teacher!


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