I am safe. (Thoughts for the SuperMoon…)

I finally figured it out… I’ve been having major solar plexus pain since yesterday and trying to understand why… so I decided to chase the supermoon tonight (the biggest one since 1948, and full moons in general are about “illuminating” things in your life…) and as I was reading about it, I saw that this full moon may be impacting our feelings of self-worth… and the solar plexus (third chakra) is our seat of personal power.

I have a huge week ahead of me professionally, and as I started to free-write in my car in one of my favorite hiding spots under the light of the moon, it hit me. I’ve known my core issue has always been feeling unwanted, and tonight it all clicked. I’m about to step forward in so many big ways, personally, professionally, and spiritually. And I’m terrified. As an empath, I’m also probably picking up on some of the collective anxiety in our culture currently, but I can tell this time it’s also my shit rising. My shit wanting to be seen and heard and acknowledged. So acknowledge I am…  one of my main mantras is “I AM SAFE” because I know how scary expansion can feel. As we uplevel, as we expand our impact, our unconscious warns us that if more people see us, more people can potentially hurt us.. (this is especially true if you have any past lives as a witch and were killed for it…) so now I sit. Under the moon, recognizing how fear can manifest in the body so clearly and loudly. I write this as inspiration to those of you who may be suffering and not understanding why, because perhaps it “doesn’t make sense..” well my dear, I’ve learned that when it comes to the things that really matter in life, many of them don’t make sense. We have to trust. We have to ask. And we have to listen. Then keep taking the right next step, and open yourself to Divine Guidance- it’s trying to speak to you.

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