Take the Leap

Have you been nudged to take a leap of faith?

Have you been getting divine messaging pushing you to make a change?

I know how scary it can be to let things go, to make big changes.

In May of 2016, my meditation told me to completely let go of alcohol and enter full sobriety. With over 9 years away from my drug of choice, I thought I was “fine.” And maybe I was “fine.” But Spirit wanted more for me.

I fought the messaging I was getting, but finally said:

“Whatever, I’ll try it…” and within two weeks my whole life started changing…

My emotions were more regulated, I felt more confident and grounded, and my intuition hit an all time high. Then within a few months, I met the man I’d been praying for and having visions of. I do not think it’s a coincidence. I think it was divine intervention. Spirit saying “ok, well, this might not make sense, but TRUST ME. Take this leap. See how it shifts things. See how it opens up your world…”

For me, the guidance I’m given often doesn’t “make sense”- at least not at first. I usually cuss it and throw a fit (hey, I’m not perfect, either!) and then when I finally say OK…


All kinds of fun things start to unfold. And yet I still fight the insights I receive, trying to think “I know best…” But the truth is, I don’t yet, and maybe never will. My ego is still too wrapped up in how I appear, what I think is “supposed to be right” of “how shit’s supposed to happen.” And sometimes I make life wayyyyy harder than it needs to be.

I recently was shown to take a few more big leaps and leave a few organizations I was involved with for years that I dearly loved, and it was more than a challenge. I sifted through guilt and resistance and questioning (despite pulling angel cards saying “take the leap” and “balance career and home” and mentors agreeing this was a good move for me) and finally I said OK!

So recently I’ve been taking more leaps. And I’m not sure where I’m going to land, but I can already feel the spaciousness in my being- and maybe that’s enough.

Maybe that’s enough.

Maybe I’m enough.

Maybe you’re enough.

And maybe any leap we take, we will always be safe. Because we can always bounce back, we can always choose something different, and we can always choose more alignment, more love, and more truth.

So, what leap are you being nudged to take?

What truth are you seeing more clearly?

And what #ConsciousChoiceforChange are you making? 
Share in comments, I feel you…


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