After working with Jen Julius, clients report having:

  • Deeper connection to their sense of spirituality and truth
  • More success in their personal and professional lives
  • Increased confidence and self-love
  • Stronger personal boundaries
  • Less stress and feelings of overwhelm
  • Improved family life and relationship with their partners and children
  • Deeper, more intimate relationships (including better sex…!)
  • Healthier minds and bodies
  • Clarity about what they want in life
  • More fulfillment in their career/business
  • Practical tools to achieve their goals
  • Drastically improved communication skills
  • Overall happier lives filled with a lot more FUN and Magic!

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Natasha Stocker, CEO of Inspired Spaces

Jen is a grounding yet enthusiastic power house. Her depth of knowledge is astounding.  She is well versed in the emotional, spiritual, and tangible attributes of both personal life and business management.  Therefore, Jen has been able to support me in every facet of my life, helping me to be a better CEO, wife, and mom.  I am awed by her talents and exceedingly grateful.  The world would be a much healthier place if we all had the privilege of working with Jen Julius!

Natasha Stocker, Allied ASID, NKBA

I attended Real, Raw and Resilient by Jen Julius, and I was blown away by the Nicole-Smarttknowledge gained. She is an upbeat, motivating speaker who takes time to understand your obstacles and help turn them into strengths. On August 18, I attended her workshop on core values. I was quickly able to identify my top core values and align them for day to day use.

Jen’s approach is genuine and matter-of-fact, and that makes it that much more wonderful that her advice is solid, aligned to her listeners, and so easy to implement. Her commitment to helping others hold themselves to the highest standards shows in the quality of her coaching. Whether you’re a student, mother, father, daughter, business owner, wife, husband, friend – go see Jen. It’s a worthwhile experience and investment.

Nicole Smartt, Real, Raw and Resilient Participant

Shareholder and Vice President of Star Staffing

I consulted with Jen Julius with the goal of attaining greater clarity on my life’s purpose, and was impressed by Jen’s laser focus in helping me define my goals and understand my obstacles and limiting beliefs.  Her style is intuitive yet grounded, and she offers very usable tools and assignments to help continue the growth process after the session.  In just a single session I feel more empowered and hopeful regarding my future on both a business and personal level.  Jen is a skilled professional in her field, and I would highly recommend you schedule a session with her if you are looking for an action plan to further your success.

-Audrey Fontaine

Recently, Jen Julius helped me with a significant breakthrough.

I was struggling with the concept for the cover of my upcoming book. I wanted to have a book cover that knocks it out of the park, and what had been submitted to me was not that. I was at a point where I considering settling for what I was given. Carlyn book cover

I went to see Jen, not sure what she could offer me, but when she asked me what she could help me with, I told her (and wrote it down on her chalkboard) –  “What is the answer?”

I was surprised when the answer was…..add yourself in the book cover too!

I have just received a composite of what that book cover will look like and I could not be more pleased! It is awesome. The truth is, I wanted to be on the cover but didn’t want it to feel like my ego was in the way so I was playing small. Thank the universe, Jen didn’t allow me to play out that role.

What are you struggling with that you could use a little more clarity with? Don’t sit with it a day longer, make an appointment with Jen. and learn to shine brighter!

Carlyn Montes De Oca L.Ac, Dipl. O.M., M.T.O.M.

Hi Jen,

I thought of you the other day when I used your centering breathing technique! I had an appointment in San Francisco and had hit just ridiculous traffic in the city, couldn’t find parking, etc etc and ended up being nearly 40 minutes late. I was so frazzled (and rather upset) by the time I made it, I was a bit of a wreck. Luckily I had a few minutes in the office before they came in so I sat, feet flat on the floor, and did your breathing technique to calm down and center. It was a godsend – thank you. I use it all the time, especially since I’ve taken on a leadership role in my service organization which has added a lot more to my plate.

Just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the useful & positive energy you put out there. It really helps.



I just wanted to thank you again for your awesome presentation today, I had such good feedback.  I hope we can have you speak at another one of our events in the near future.  Thanks again for all the efforts, it was so appreciated.

Debby Benson-Miller, Junior League President 2015-2016

renea magnaniI met Jen in the fall of 2012 when I attended a Vision Board Workshop that she offered.  Can you say, “LIfe Changing?”. I knew the moment I met her that I loved her. She has incredible energy and a keen ability to connect with her clients. She’s a people person. She gives you her full attention, talk about being in the moment! A month later I contacted Jen and asked to work with her for some private sessions and did so for a number of months. During that time I became stronger, clearer, and more self confident. Some time later my family worked with Jen and had her come to our home to help us implement “Family Meetings”. My husband and children now adore Jen as much as I do! I continue to seek her guidance through her email newsletter, Facebook page, and through connecting with her whenever possible. She is direct and determined. Does not waste time nor allow you to do so either. 🙂 Life Changing, do you hear me?

Renea Magnani, Individual Coaching Client & Vision Board Workshop Participant

(Renea would like to give a shout out and photo credit to “In Her Image Photography“)

Thank you Jen,

The motivation light is on! (the candle we lit at your place)

Just like you warned me, I had a great idea that landed in my heart right after our session. I have no idea how to make it happen. It looks BIG, and I am really challenged by my family’s needs. I want toZeynep_Brockett talk about these two things with you.  Hard to remain focused, hard to say no to all the people who want my attention or help, hard to be a people person and needing space to write and introspect. But no one said it was going to be easy, and I am learning.

I won my first toastmasters public speaking prize last night, you know why, right? The why is because I am getting closer to my truth, I am inspired, taking vulnerable steps and nothing beats that for a good speech! Our first session was a breakthrough. I feel good, focused and motivated.

The burden of having it all in one went away with the idea of separating my passion from my prospective work. Now I can be serious in my hobby and have fun at my money-making work. I am not sure I am going to be able to halt the job search process for writing, as now I know what I want and I see jobs I want to apply to. So now I have to learn to juggle work/hobby/family/taking care of my body.

I am very excited that I have you to coach me through this challenge. And so grateful that I am not confused on what I want any more! WOW!!!!  Please let me know what you think, when you think it’s appropriate. I trust your guidance.

Thank you,

Zeynep Brockett


Rod LinkedIn PhotoYour 28-Day Jumpstart is an incredibly good system.   It has made a huge difference for me.   I have really spent more time caring for my wife and staying connected with her.   No TV, now I spend more time talking with her about her day and how I can help her and work together.  Drinking water, sleeping more, and consistent exercises (you provided a great video) is perfect for me!  Have to do more planks – core building is critical. Other areas of my life have also improved, i.e. better father, business, etc.  You are amazing!

Rod Suzuki, Financial Advisor, 28-Day Jumpstart Participant

Super thanks to Marie Borders, a past client who made this beautiful video testimonial for me! So honored to get to support people on their journey and help them create success!



“I feel lucky to know Jen Julius–she brings so much love and light to those around her. I have attended many of her speaking events and they are always inspiring and motivating. I love her no-nonsense, but extremely heart-centered, approach, to the work she does. Her enthusiasm, generosity and the wealth of information she shares is a true gift. She delivers on what she promises and will help you live a happier and more meaningful life.”

Jackie Johansen, Founder of Your Words Electric


So…my updated vision board is freaking me out (in a good way). Everything on there feels like it’s just clicking into place. Including the random big one of a new house. We’re looking at one on Thursday in the neighborhood we want to be in and got pre-approved at record speed today. 

It’s just all so crazy. I was literally rereading The Secret when my friend texted me about your workshop last month. Now I just have to let myself see all these things through and not stop, right? It can only keep getting better. My efficiency and clarity today is unbelievable. 

I was so, so, so miserable in November.  Is this reality?

-Lindsay M., Vision Board Creation Workshop & 28-Day Jumpstart Participant

“I’m so stoked you intervened when you did, before I opened up a whole can of resistance in the middle of my success streak!” 

-Lorin McCann, after a 20-minute connection call

“I loved your class. You’re such an amazing conductor of positive, real shit. I kinda want to hate you a little bit. I truly believe that you alone have helped me pull my head all the way out my ass and truly start taking the necessary action to make my happy place a reality. Believe me when I say, the tools, the environment, the topics covered, all was very beneficial.  I know seeds were planted when I did my vision board, but this class really took me all the way. So thank you.♡”

-Amanda Hodson, Hodson Upholstery Plus

Happy, Healthy, and Hot! & Vision Board Creation Workshop Participant

I am so grateful to Jen Julius for her awesome coaching! At first, I was reluctant to ‘ask for help’ in addressing my ‘feeling stuck’,  and had much trepidation and judgement about doing so. After meeting her and doing her Vision Board workshop and coaching sessions, I really connected with her honesty, inspiring energy and wise soul! We did outstanding work together and I gained catalyzing tools that I’ll continue to use in my life! I’m so happy to be moving forward with inspired and soulful motivation! Thank you, Jen!”

– Cheri P.
Individual Coaching Client & Vision Board Workshop Participant

Jen is amazing in so many ways – where do I begin?  Jen and I instantly clicked when we met; it was like I had reconnected with an old friend.  This made it super easy for me to open up and Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 9.49.35 PMrelax when we started to work together with life coaching.  She helped me see where I was getting in my own way with different situations in my life.   Jen helped me rekindle my love for journaling where some deep rooted values began to resurface.  We were able to analyze them and she was able to show me where I was holding myself back.  Being a very busy business owner, our weekly coaching session via phone was very helpful.  Also, being able to connect with her in between sessions if I needed to, was also key to my growth.

In addition, my teenage girls and I took a Vision Board Workshop with Jen and it was eye opening for us to see what came up unconsciously.  We look at our vision boards regularly and talk about them to see what we can create. Creating this visual representation of our dreams on paper is fascinating, and then watching my girls create life changing magic is thrilling.
Thank you Jen for all you do!
Laura Ramirez – Pure Balance Skin & Body 

“As a busy business professional, I am very happy with the results I am already seeing from hiring Jen Julius as my Life/Business Coach. In our first session I was able to divulge a lot of personal and professional thoughts and ideas to her. Jen then helped me analyze them and provided valuable outside perspective that really helped me think things through. I now have a game plan to put certain ideas into action and others to rest. This brought great peace of mind to me. I also had a much clearer picture of where I wanted to go in life and how I was going to get there. I would recommend Jen to anyone that would like to get their thoughts more focused and to create an action plan on worthy ideas. She has been a great help!”

– Ken W.

Individual Coaching Client & Vision Board Workshop Participant

Wonderful, inspiring, wonderful workshop! I appreciated you! Incredible communication skills and comfort you provided throughout! I liked the class size too! I’ve done many workshops, and one vision board class, this was the best!!

~ Anonymous

Vision Board Workshop Participant

Jen, thank you for your “Vision Board Workshop,” it is my 2nd.  You create such a safe space for a person to be and experience themselves.  This is the greatest gift one person can give another.
Again Jen, thank you so very much, I am so grateful.

Berrine D., Vision Board Workshop Participant

“YES! I sure enjoyed getting to know you that day & am glad my husband did, too.  You are a very special person.  

We both look at & discuss our vision boards daily.  We have been together for 4 years & he has always said that our daughter was the only child he needed or wanted.  I had come to terms with that.  It was a tiny struggle, since I wanted her to have a brother or sister.  I love him so much, though, that I realized that was above & beyond anything I could have asked for anyway. I was curious when I saw all the children on his board. I was astonished when he said why.  I have been in love with that man for over a decade.  That day, he made me see he’s been feeling the same way about me & I don’t need to change a thing about myself :).”

~ Mia M.

Vision Board Workshop Participant

“I went to my first vision board class with Jen Julius in January and I’m 6 months into working on my goals. My visions were about Career, Health & Love with my career being my main focus.

Within 5 weeks of Jens workshop I got an opportunity to move to a larger location for my business, which was part of my vision. On March 1st I moved into my perfect studio with a waiting room that I would be able to grow with.  I had added some specific career goals to my board so I could focus on building my income. I started with weekly goals to build my clientele and have been more specific on certain services that create more income. Each week I have been achieving those goals and adding to them. By the end of April I had a vision to go back to school and get certified in another area of my business that will create more income. It’s now July and I’m attending school expecting to finish in December. My new location has opened up this opportunity to expand my services. It’s been a snowball effect to building a road to financial happiness for me.

I’m still working on my health goals but that wasn’t my priority. I have been more health conscious in picking out healthier foods but haven’t made a commitment to exercising regularly.
I have found love! I have learned to love myself! On my vision board I had cut out a picture of a man & woman kissing, thinking this is the direction I wanted. I have now figured out that I needed to love myself before I’m able to love someone else. So finding this kind of love was the most important I could have asked for. I can now open myself up to love someone else in my future.

I’ve also been working with Jen on her life coaching and have learned so many tools to work with in just 4 sessions. My sessions have given me peace with certain situations, clarity with some obstacles in my life, and strength where I needed.
My best friend can’t believe how much I have grown in the last 6 months. She said she’s so happy to have her friend back! I finally feel like I’m emotionally healthy for the first time in my 6 year slump.

~ Kris S.
Individual Coaching Client & Vision Board Workshop Participant

“Thanks again for including me in the fabulous vision board workshop. I got so much out of it!

I had expected to be drawn to images related to growing my business this year, because so many things have been leading in that direction, and was surprised to see things coming together in my image choices that were clearly about home, and home as my base, and connecting with the parts of me that feel confident and secure in my own being.

I went with it… Imagine my surprise when, the next morning while at work, I started having all these great business ideas. I jotted them all down. After the first two, I knew these weren’t just good ideas randomly popping into my head, but a direct result of doing the vision board project the previous evening.

My board is glued and up and running!

Thanks so much!!!”

~ Anonymous

Vision Board Workshop Participant

I came to know Jen through a vision board workshop recommended by a close friend of mine. It was such an empowering experience that I decided to work with her on a one to one basis. She has really helped develop my communication skills, explore career and education paths, and most importantly she has become the accountability partner that I needed to encourage the personal growth that I have been craving. She is passionate, empathetic and driven and I believe these attributes make her a coach for life. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with her.

~ D.P.
Individual Coaching Client & Vision Board Workshop Participant

“My Vision Board is in a chair at my table. Every morning I look at it and when I start to lose focus or need direction I look at it. It helps keep me focused so I can stay on my path, and brings me back to what I’m focusing on. The pictures help me to see what’s really going on inside and what I’m drawn to- that words couldn’t describe. It’s super-duper helped me with “no more grrrr!!!” and “not ok being mean” [two quotes on the Vision Board]. It’s become my friend that gives me friendly reminders that don’t make me mad, because they came from me!

The Vision Board I created with Jen has been more powerful than others. Jen incorporates meditation and a guided connection to your soul so that the Board is done from Soul’s perspective. The workshop also facilitated connection and communication between me and my daughter [who did the the workshop with me]. I just clicked with Jen, with her personality and energy. I felt safe in the process and I absolutely recommend working with her!”

~Lisa A.
Vision Board Workshop Participant and former client

“Jen Julius was an exceptional student in several of my psychology courses at Sonoma State University.  I was so impressed with her performance in my classes that I asked her to be a Teaching Assistant and edit my book on Intuition, Dreams, and Healing.  Jen is highly intuitive, bright, inspiring, dynamic, creative, and socially intelligent.  Her motivation and enthusiasm are contagious, and these abilities, combined with her natural leadership skills, training, education, and sincere desire to help others grow and heal, provide her with the perfect combination of qualities for a Life Coach.  I can highly recommend her to individuals and groups who want to experience Total Health!”

~ Dr. David F. Sowerby

Consultant, Adjunct Faculty Member in the Psychology Departments at Sonoma State University and Dominican University of California, and Writer


“Thank you SOOO much for the Vision Board Workshop! I learned so much about myself, and my board actually makes me smile every time I look at it! Wow! 🙂 So exciting!!!”
~ Cassie S.
Vision Board Workshop Participant

“Jen Julius has been a colleague since 2008. In that time, I’ve witnessed how, as quickly as she masters whatever goal she sets her sights on, she takes on the next one with passion and a fresh energy that becomes contagious to all who work with her. If you decide to procure Jen’s services, be prepared for a breathtaking adventure, as she helps you define your goals, and helps you achieve more than you ever could on your own. I recommend Jen Julius if you’re needing help making a change for the better.”
~Sofia Dumitru,
   Board of Directors, Social Advocates for Youth
   Board Treasurer, Becoming Independent
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