Truth Can Change…

Truth. What does that even mean? For years I have talked about and shared the concept (or my understanding) of “Individual Truth” and the importance of finding the deep resonance of what feels true and right for you- not anyone else. This journey has been one of the hardest I’ve personally gone on, and watched for so many of my clients. We are in a culture of “shoulds” – you “should do this” or “should be that” blah blah blah… when the Truth is: you “should” be YOU. But who is that? Who is “YOU?” Who ARE You?
I believe in both Universal Truth(s) and Individual Truth(s). I can’t just pretend gravity doesn’t exist- it’s a Universal Truth. I can’t explain Love, but we all seem to agree it’s an energetic feeling/connection that we all understand. But with that said, we also Love many different things/people, all depending on what resonates with… our Individual Truth.
But now here’s the extra kicker. I am finally realizing that: Truth can change.
Someone that once loved us, may not anymore. One day our addiction may take us to a point of despair that makes us break open and apart and make the scariest change of our life- opening up to feeling all the feelings (sobriety). A loved one might die suddenly. Our “normal” can change at any moment. And you are allowed to change and shift. You are allowed to create a new Truth.
My hope is this simply gets you thinking- where can you be a little more aware? A little more conscious of your choices? Where can you make a change that will benefit your entire path?
Sending you so much love as you recognize, Truth can change. And you are always safe. We got this. ???? #consciouschoiceforchange

Stay tuned for future blogs on MY truths, with the hope that they may help you along your journey as you define yours…

Comment below to share how some of your Truths have changed, and what you are working to shift now…

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